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The control mechanics of Rolling Renegade are built around physics and symmetry. It is built into a physics engine so momentum plays a big role in the movement along with the platform you are on and every degree of input. Because of this to play it properly requires a controller with an analog stick. It can be played with a keyboard but its impossible to be precise enough to play it to a high level.

The controls are made to have a synergistic relationship and can be combined to allow an incredible number of ways to play. They have been designed to be intuitive, deep and dynamic. I have tried to imagine what it would be like to be a Super Circle and what moves it would be able to do. I think I have made a complete control scheme which allows you to do all that is possible for 2d movement. However, if you think anything is wrong or missing, please get in contact.

Please check it out and let me know what you think


Movement Stick

Rather than just one dimensional left and right movement, in Rolling Renegade you can roll on any angle of a platform with the input required rotating to be parallel to the platform you are on. And when in the air perpendicular to gravity.


Jumping is similar, that you jump away from the platform you are touching and is also heavily dependent on the direction of your input. When in the air it is entirely dependent on your direction of input and current momentum. You also can jump higher when you are squished into the ground.


The attack is a dash move which you must charge and release which fires you quickly in 360 degrees based entirely on input and slightly on your current momentum.


Hold the bounce button so that when you collide with a platform you bounce away from it rather than landing on it.


You can also control the rotation of the character to aim your head towards a particular direction. This also affects physics in the game and can be used as a braking system.


You hold the spin button to quickly increase your rotation speed and damage nearby objects. Also effects your linear movement as you would expect.


You can toggle each analog stick to look around the world and control the camera to face in a specific direction.